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Liv would only take a picture with me if she could hold the phone 😂💗😂💗😂💗

Hannah and Liv decorated an egg for me 💞🐰🐣🌸 @itshan237


New thingssss #tgif



(Artwork in photo originally from “8-Bit Art” from Vicious Dogs in North Hollywood, CA)

So I came to the conclusion yesterday that I am going to give up on the concept of going by the gender neutral pronouns of they/them/their.  This decision did not come lightly, and in no way should my personal choice in this regard reflect on anyone else’s pronouns in any way. The truth is that in the time that I’ve been trying to do it, I’ve felt more frustrated about pronouns than I did before.  Actively being aware of them all the time has only had an adverse effect on my dysphoria.  And the truth is, I just can’t quite latch on to “They” with any real enthusiasm.  

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People are always like “is that a boy or a girl?”
And I’m over here like “damn, they have good style!”

Come together

@xoxkissiz69xox @angievalentinee @brokenspinesandkids the best!

My bathroom.