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New phone and the vertical bridge is back! #verticalbridge #bindi #piercings

Chair accompanied by Charlie and mop.

I think I’m in love with Charlie 🐱❤️

Awesome little box at my cousins house #fridakahlo @gretarded

Weeee 💥✨

My love gave me a rose 🌹❤️😻💋 @andrew_shmandrew #happy#thankful#yay

Just realized my coffee cup was written on! 😍❤️ #somuchlove @xoxkissiz69xox

Liv dancing, jumping and finding it hilarious.

STAHP GETTING SO BIG! @mark_a_brown @maxwell_42_brown

💅👭💖🌸 @hannahdoti

Hanni and I lookin cute as usual 💁 lol @hannahdoti